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Do's and Don'ts
John Doe

Help! What Should I do?

Today knowing what NOT TO DO is just as important as knowing what TO DO. Below you will find a quick list of things to avoid as well as things to do before your photo shoot.

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Pre-Session Checklist
Jane Helf

Pre-Session Checklist

Thanks so much for choosing Seven20 for your upcoming session! It's best to organize well in advance of your shoot and hopefully this list will do just that. At Seven20 we want you to get creative! Bring in shots that inspire you. No really...BRING IN PHOTOS THAT INSPIRE YOU! Letting us see what you want to achieve helps us give you the best product possible. Being prepared means being more relaxed when you're in front of the camera-- and that's key to getting the photographic results we both want.

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Boudoir Preparation
Joshua Insanus

Boudoir Boudoir Boudoir!

Seven20 understands that every lady's comfort level is different. Your session with us moves at the pace that you are comfortable with. We suggest gathering magazine clippings or Internet pictures showing examples of the type of posing, lighting, and editing styles you’d like to capture during your boudoir session. If possible, forward these images to us a few days prior to your session. This will help in planning the style of your shoot efficiently.

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